Smokers Are A Discriminated Class in Modern Medicine

In traditional medicine, our mission is to treat the ills of our patient without regard to how they got sick or who they are.  We do not alter our responsibility due to race, religion, or intelligence.

However, in today’s medicine, we do not detach the patient’s history from our treatment decisions.  It is becoming common for the patient to be denied effective treatment for their disease, if they are a smoker.

We blame them for their condition.

We use their disease as an excuse not to treat.

It is their fault if we do not succeed. …. So our attempts are minimized.

This smells like facilitating “cultural cleaning” of people who behave different from the established lowest risk life style.

This is a new trend growing strength every day, leaving an odorous, judgmental system that seems to apply life & death decisions based on society’s norms and fashions.

We are to treat.  

We are not to judge.

We are to work for the patient’s well-being and for their reasonable goals.

We wish for perfect patients, but we work with what comes.

Selective medicine has been used in the past to rid society of “undesirables,” such as mental capacity, ethnic backgrounds, religious upbringing.

We must remain forever vigilant to avoid this philosophy.

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