Radiation Does Not Burn


Radiation therapy is a highly advanced form of cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, it is also the most misunderstood medical field in history,  being even more clouded than Freudian analysis (which has at least entertaining sexual underpinnings).

Radiation confusion is in the general population as well as in the medical profession. It is especially concerning in the sub specialties of both Medical Oncology and Surgery.

I think using radiation in modern movies, plays, and comic books as the dramatic device causes the majority of the misunderstanding.

Perhaps it is from hearing stories of the atom bomb and other weapons.

It is certainly from lack of training in non-radiation specialties.

But is most upsetting when the misunderstandings are found within radiation medical providers themselves.

Today’s radiation offers great advantage and has eliminated the past side effects and complications that happened using old techniques and equipment.

In proper hands, radiation is the most effective treatment for cancers ever developed. And, like all things, the Emphasis is  “in the proper hands.”

A scalpel is a knife. In a trained surgeon’s hands, it is a life saving tool. In a hands of a street thug, it is a weapon of destruction. It is the same for radiation.

If used right, Radiation does not burn.  Everyday, there is a new option for its use.  And everyday, you have to educate The users and the patients on the proper use of radiation.  and dispel the fears of radiation’s development, the negative use, and the misconception of our compatriots.

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