Clinical Trials

Most people think being treated on a clinical trial is a good thing. However, it is not the newest and best option for patient care. It is an experiment. If we knew this treatment would work best for you, it would be a treatment, not a trial.

I am fully supportive of clinical trials in hopes of finding a better solution to cancer. However I am totally opposed to misleading patients in thinking they are getting a better therapy.

The greatest fraud is denying patients access and information about specific treatment currently available in order to be place them in a trial.

Trials are not charitable contributions. Trials are a business. There is money made by conducting trials by those providing them as well as those putting patients on them. There is prestige and public relation value in proclaiming Clinical trials are available thru your oncologist or institution.  People generally think they are getting better care. This is not true.Mouse maze

If you want to further science, then clinical trials are a good thing. But if you are joining a clinical trial because you think it’s a better solution, you are making decisions under a false assumption.

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