Dr. Rost is a Board Certified Oncologist with Specialization in Radiation.

He Received his MD from Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

He has studied Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology from George Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Columbia-Presbyterian, and The University of Miami.

As the developer and Chairman of many groups he established new Cancer Programs through the Untied states.  He has been most active in the use of Cooperative Care in cancer treatments using Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, and Immunotherapy among multiple platforms and specialties.

“We see the eroding of choices even as the development of options grows greater.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Rost’s interests have been on achieving the best outcomes with the least complications using modern techniques in a combined approach.  And above all, the need to treat each person as an individual with care, respect and dignity.

We all agree the current trend is treating patients as a statistic with common “standards” that erode the physician-patient relationship and the individual identity of the cancer victim.  We see the eroding of choices even as the development of options grows greater.

We seek to optimize the choice in cancer care regardless of insurance rules, guideline adherence, and care restrictions.  In short:  We promote the best that can be achieved for each and every patient and allow each person to control their care and chances.